• Would You Wear Stevie Williams? Supra S1w ?natural Suede? Sneakers Over A Pair Of Boots This Winter?

    21, 2012. Twenty minutes after that top bid, however, eBay stopped the auction, telling brothers Thierry and Kevin Mofo that as first-time sellers they didn't qualify to sell them. The students, now age 22 and 20, tried to sue the California-based online auction giant in Quebec Superior Court but the company opposed the move. eBay argued its standard online contract, which the brothers agreed to when they signed up to the service, requires lawsuits against it to be filed in California. Last March the court disagreed. It said the stipulation is unreasonable, is written in unclear legalese that's buried in the contract, and is meant to dissuade lawsuits. eBay appealed, but Friday, the higher court upheld the earlier ruling.

    The "Only in Soho" joint effort was inspired by London's bustling district, of which FP calls home. As a clear product of their environment, such cues were taken and then implemented on the impressive black and blue speckled pair. Again, the tag team sneaks initially dropped last weekend, but you can look forward to a wider delivery taking place on November 16 through select retailers across the globe. But to gain added insight into the collaboration between Footpatrol and Saucony, simply head on over to Sneaker News now.

    "People usually go to New York," he told CP. "They think Philadelphia is one step behind. We want them to come here first." Today, UBIQ store manager Woody Kumetat says he does see people coming down check it out from New York and North Jersey for releases. There were plenty in the line for Benjamins. "Being in the middle of it, I knew that New York is the mecca still," he says. "But I think we have a better sneaker culture than any other major city.


    Reebok's Answer I Sneaker Goes Old School

    Ciampaglia November 8, 2013, 12:02 PM In stores today is an old-school classic: Reebok's Answer I OG in black, red, and gold. The first Answer I was worn by NBA superstar Allen Iverson and hit the court in 1997. This re-released sneaker features the same DMX 10 moving air technology as the original shoe, and the design elements that made it iconic the concealed laces, theI3 logo, and, of course, the color scheme. (Iverson's name is also embroidered on the tongue.) Check out a few more looks at the shoe, including some shots of it chilling on the streets of Philly, Iverson's old stomping grounds: The shoe retails for $149.99, and you can find more info on it at reebok.com . Photos courtesy Reebok

    15 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. In this town, where the brag frequently exceeds the swag, some transparency is a healthy thing from a producer. Turns out, at least on day 32 of a 60-day campaign, check this out I suck at crowdfunding. external link A bit of background: I'm producing and directing (along with my co-director Mick Partridge) my first documentary, Sneakerheadz, which focuses on the colorful world of people who obsessively collect "kicks" (tennis shoes in the old days). Our movie will feature interviews with famous collectors, athletes, fashion designers who work in the space and just regular folks who collect. Fortunately, this is a low-budget show, and we have almost all of our money in the can. But a few months ago, our team discussed the idea of raising another $100,000 for expensive elements like music and clip clearances.

    Pickup Truck Smashes Into Sneaker Store

    Truck Slams Into Sneaker Store Link Close Embed this video <script type="text/javascript">var nbcLP={};nbcLP.aRandomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*10000);nbcLP.currentPageLoc=encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);nbcLP.currentSiteLoc=encodeURIComponent(window.location.host);nbcLP.defaultWidth=652;nbcLP.defaultHeight=367;nbcLP.cmsID="230831851";nbcLP.vidPid="glEQwA1qV1_g";nbcLP.vidSec="news";nbcLP.vidSubSec="local";nbcLP.vidFrame=document.getElementById("nbcLP230831851");nbcLP.vidFrame.style.border="none";nbcLP.vidFrame.width=nbcLP.defaultWidth;nbcLP.vidFrame.height=nbcLP.defaultHeight;nbcLP.vidFrame.scrolling="no";nbcLP.vidFrame.src="http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/templates/nbc_partner_player?cmsID="+nbcLP.cmsID+"&videoID="+nbcLP.vidPid+"&width="+nbcLP.defaultWidth+"&height="+nbcLP.defaultHeight+"&sec="+nbcLP.vidSec+"&subsec="+nbcLP.vidSubSec+"&turl="+nbcLP.currentSiteLoc+"&ourl="+nbcLP.currentPageLoc+"&rand="+nbcLP.aRandomNumber;</script> More videos (3 of 9) advertisement Everyone was lucky to be OK after a pickup truck crashed into the front of a sneaker store this morning. A man accidentally backed his pickup truck into Villa store on E Wadsworth Avenue in Philadelphias Mount Airy neighborhood -- thats just a short distance from the border with Montgomery County. The store wasnt open yet when the man slammed his truck into the glass facade around 9:45 a.m. No one was hurt, according to police. The truck was removed a short time later. Inspectors were on the scene late Wednesday morning to determine when the store could open.

    'Little Miss Sunshine' Producer: What They Don't Tell You About Crowdfunding (Guest Column)

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